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Intervention Leader

Zanele Lwana


Take pictures of teenagers around Cape Town with notes and messages to the president. We’ll print the pictures on A3 posters and post them in public places around town.

I am doing this to give platform to the young individuals in our communities to project their voices and thoughts and hopefully through the posted photographs around the city get the public to start thinking and ignite debates. Most importantly the teenagers feel that they are being misrepresented in politics, so this is presenting an opportunity to them to tell us how they feel, what are they passionate about and get their perspectives in issues that affect them. Seeing their photographs and messages being posted around the city is also a way of motivating young individuals to speak out.

Location & Time

Khayelitsha and Cape Town 4pm-8pm

What do you still need to make this happen? (Place, People, Resources etc..)

Cameras, paper to make post cards, committed team to assist.

How many participants?

min 5